I remember, my Childhood.

I remember everything,

The freshness smell of the green leaves,

The old but same setting of the compound,

Small and big Footprints marks, touring the compound,  

The banana plantation playground;

There, i learned how to jump from one tree to another like a monkey.

We were one big ants family.

But now, one small polor bear family

Its not like its has been ten years.

And all these images are just  in my head but fresh.

My promise on my departure is to come back a great woman.

I remember,

My mama’ s mama

Teaching us the responsibilities of soon to be an adult woman

‘ Put on a jovial face all the time’


‘ This will attract people, including your Adam ‘

‘ You will have a happy marriage and have numerous decendents.’

And now that i took the advice and it worked, i can say ‘ Thank you’ to her spirit.

1 thought on “I remember, my Childhood.

  1. Great piece! “Put on a jovial face all the time”. This is something everyone ought to do. Keep on keeping on.

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