Cry of a Prisoner, I wish I knew.

All alone

Locked in a Cell

With no way out

Rolling anxiously

Looking for exit doors

For my freedom

I remember how I used to grind

My teeth with happiness;

Now it is gone

I remember how I used to eat the burnt beans, my Mother Cook

But now there’s no imagination of it.

My Mother don’t you know me?

I was in your womb for nine months

My brother, blood and relation, don’t you know me

We grew up together and shared feelings,

You too have denounce me as a child of the family!

My best friend!

The reason for my misfortune,

Don’t you know me?

We encounter every activities of our lives together

Don’t you remember the bank robbery?

We did it together!

The promise to come and free me if the blame natures on my head

I dial your digits in vain, trying to reach you

But now gone you are to America

Starting a new life, family and identity

Hope has disappears to the wilderness

I look above the crack-ridden cell roof

Thinking of a way to get small like a mosquito and fly through it.

Or imagining the paradise Jesus spoke of

So that It can rescue me and save my wasted future

He being the only one to change my destiny

But all in vain?

Where will my help comes from?

Everyday is the same like yesterday

Pain and sorrow as it is; woken every morning with a wip, working long hours hard tasks

All day long, the alcer burns deep,

Of pain and a mask of feign happiness.

I remember the dedication of the rulers

We the masky skeleton acting as helpers

The ceremony began with a  prayer

Something they cannot seal, is our hearts of receiving the grace of God

Since then, salvation became my only hope and reason of survival

Every morning he wakes me up with joy

Because I have a purpose to full fill

Now that I have gone this far with salvation, I am not turning back

As I wait for my freedom to start a new life of righteousness.

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