WHO IM I? My motherland Africa!

Who am I?, That’s the question i also asked when undermining the greatness I never knew about me.

I’m that someone,

With blackened skin,

Serving my master in a foreign land,

Hiding behind my desire,

Living in rejection.

Think it is a guilt to dream of the life just like my master

Even though I have no clue of it’s end

I want to have that one day;                Freedom,                                            Acceptance,                                Love, family and success.

I laugh it out, knowing how it is impossible

Looking at myself

I see a gangster, thief, murderer, rapist, black son of a mistake continent of Africa,                        and above all the brother of Satan?

Because  that’s what my master says about me and because of my skin color


I Know for a fact that what my master says about me does not define me

Then why does he have the same red river flowing in his veins just like! Then I started thinking out loud.

Why does he keep his nature waste in the same foundation as mine!

I told myself, Don’t believe what comes of his mouth

You two might be of different colors but one race!

Even though he’s blessed with a noble life, he has no right to crash  your pride.

Then all my senses returned to me, I laughed blissfully

I realized I am Mandela, Nasser, Kwame, Obote, Chaka chaka,  in my actions!                                               A true warrior of AFRICA, MY MOTHERLAND!❤️

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