WHO IM I? My motherland Africa!

Who am I?, That’s the question i also asked when undermining the greatness I never knew about me. I’m that someone, With blackened skin, Serving my master in a foreign land, Hiding behind my desire, Living in rejection. Think it is a guilt to dream of the life just like my master Even though I … Continue reading WHO IM I? My motherland Africa!

Cry of a Prisoner, I wish I knew.

All alone Locked in a Cell With no way out Rolling anxiously Looking for exit doors For my freedom I remember how I used to grind My teeth with happiness; Now it is gone I remember how I used to eat the burnt beans, my Mother Cook But now there’s no imagination of it. My … Continue reading Cry of a Prisoner, I wish I knew.

I remember, my Childhood.

I remember everything, The freshness smell of the green leaves, The old but same setting of the compound, Small and big Footprints marks, touring the compound,   The banana plantation playground; There, i learned how to jump from one tree to another like a monkey. We were one big ants family. But now, one small polor … Continue reading I remember, my Childhood.

ACCEPTANCE, be my friend!

Acceptance is the chemistry of Being welcomed everywhere. Not depending on; appearance, status, age, gender, color or nationality But just the way we are, On one’s true self. Down the streets I am, Knocking doors of acceptance Which are slammed on my face Still carrying my broken heart! I KNOCK? Still? Slammed on my face? … Continue reading ACCEPTANCE, be my friend!

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